We believe online community experiences should be friendly, energising, encouraging, welcoming, kind and inspiring.

They should be a safe place for you to express yourself, share ideas and help others as well as receive help.

We exist because we believe positive communities are not only possible, but are essential.

The world is polarising fast and the negative effects of social media only work to exacerbate the problem. We believe there is another way and we are here to prove it.



At Giants Technology, we make unique, fully customisable, online community platforms that enable companies to authentically and effectively communicate at scale.

• The software architecture is designed to be flexible so that the community experience is exactly right for your brand.

• Our product works in-app and in-browser simultaneously so that the user’s experience is seamless.

• Our proactive management and engagement tools give businesses the ability to understand who their members are and where to interact with them so that you can build mutually beneficial relationships.

We’ve distilled our years of learning and expertise into a modern community platform, designed to enable start-ups, SMEs and NGOs to create their own world class online community.

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Our Story

Vincent Boon, previously giffgaff’s Chief of Community and Standing on Giants Co-Founder, noticed that during the course of building Standing on Giants he came across many great young companies that had a community vision but were just too early in their journey to need or could afford Standing on Giants products and services. Their technology requirements were for a product/service with a simpler and lighter feature set. Something that was incredibly flexible, easy to configure, and even gave the ability to integrate that community into existing systems.

Our challenge, at Giants Technology, was to create something that was not only all of those things but something that was affordable. Something that could be up and running in a couple of hours, without the need for any extra development from us, handing control back to the customer. You as a customer could then run indefinitely without any need for supplier support or service.

So that’s what we have created! It’s early days for us, but we are very excited to announce that we have a working web version at usable beta stage, and a (world first!) Unity SDK version in development, ready as a usable beta from May 2020. Both versions run the same core engine and are accessible from either environment at the same time.